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Hoarding is different in that clutter and possessions

Everyone has a little clutter somewhere in their home. A junk drawer is a messy closet or an attic full of stuff we don’t know what to do. Hoarding is different in that clutter and possessions have accumulated to such a degree that it has taken over a person’s home and life. In some hoarding clean up jobs we’ve had, the hoarder’s health and safety are at risk with unsanitary conditions, the potential for household accidents, and reduced means of egress in case of emergency. On an emotional level, a person who hoards often has strained relationships with friends and family, feels isolated, embarrassed, and finds daily life extremely stressful. If you have a friend or loved one suffering from hoarding, Houston Junk Removal Services is here to help. We handle all hoarding situations with sensitivity and compassion. We offer full-service hoarding clean up bagging up and removal of items to restore their home to a healthy, clean environment. We also give a deep-cleaning service upon request, using steam-cleaning techniques to sanitize the entire residence after the clean-out. Our team always finds time to donate reusable items to local charities or send them to be recycled. Anything not appropriate for the donation we haul away and dispose of in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations for junk removal. We’re ready to help hoarders transition to a clutter-free life – call Houston Junk removal today we can help you. Furniture removal can be quite an undertaking. You might be doing an estate clean-out or getting ready to redecorate your apartment. Your old furniture is often large, heavy, and hard to move. Sometimes you may wonder how it ever got in the house in the first place. Even if you and a couple of friends manage to navigate it out, what do you do with it next? You could try a yard sale, Goodwill is an option for furniture pick up, but it’s not guaranteed they’ll take it when they say they will. The experts at Houston Junk Removal Company can relieve you of the backache and headache of trying to dispose of old furniture yourself. We’ll quickly and efficiently move out and haul away couches, bureaus, recliners, dining room tables, and everything in between – even mattresses! (We also do bedbug clean out if that’s an issue.) Even if you’re old furniture is oddly shaped, exceptionally heavy, or won’t fit through, we can still remove and haul it away for you. Our guys will deconstruct or even cut up furniture as needed and get it picked up and on its way. Always environmentally conscious, we’ll attempt to donate the furniture first if it’s still in usable condition. Otherwise, we’ll recycle or dispose of your furniture according to local, state, and federal guidelines. Our best treatment will whisk away all your extras, leaving behind only clutter-free space for you to enjoy. Houston Junk Removal Services is a locally owned and operated company offering superior hauling services to home and business owners.

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