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Houston Junk Removal Company are available to both residential and commercial properties.

Junk removal and hauling services through Houston Junk Removal Company are available to both residential and commercial properties. We will pick up your old office furniture following your business remodel or clean up and haul away the mess left after a renter’s eviction. We offer junk hauling services to both business districts and residential neighborhoods. We have seen it all and done it all. Some junk is just plain trash; other pieces still have some value for someone and can be donated or recycled. If you live in the areas we service, you have probably have seen our trucks, maybe in your neighborhood. We know those streets well. You will find that scheduling a pickup or clean up with Houston Junk Removal Company can be done quickly and conveniently, either with a phone call or through our online booking service. Whether you want to downsize the extra in your home or have a large commercial building that needs every room cleared of furniture and debris, call us at Houston Junk Removal Company. We offer affordable, competitive pricing, with an experienced team that is licensed and insured to do the job right. We’ll leave your home, garage, or business cleared of anything you want going – we will even sweep out space once we finish. Call us or book your pickup service online the next time you need expert help. Computers, televisions, mobile phones and the like, contain components with nasty contaminants and carcinogens that can’t be hauled away with the household trash. To protect the environment and your fellow man, you want to make sure all of your used appliances, big or small, are properly disposed of in a non-hazardous method of appliance recycling. Residents trust Houston Junk Removal Company to pick up and dispose of their electronics and household appliances in an earth-friendly manner. When it comes to specialized electronic equipment like computers, tablets, and cell phones, many people don’t realize the importance of recycling these items. Our recycle rs for these items mine out the small amounts of precious metals contained in this equipment so it can use in the production of new things. These things eliminate metal contamination and decrease the amount of these metals that need to get from the earth. For earth-conscious appliance removal, residents can count on Houston Junk Removal Company as their hauling service. Your things that have outlived their use can be the bane of a homeowner’s existence. Dishwashers, refrigerators, and washing machines are heavy and awkward to handle, most often requiring a helping hand or two. Even if you manage to get the appliance out the door, then you have to figure out how it gets picked up. Electronic waste (also called e-waste) is also tricky to dispose of on your own. Cleaning out apartments, homes, garages, attics, offices can be dirty, physically tough work. Don’t expose yourself to back strain, allergy issues, or other problems. Our crews In Houston Junk Removal Company will handle these jobs – we have the safety gear to protect our employees while they clear out dusty attics or moldy basements.

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